Our Story | Part 1

Hey y’all! Jeanine and Lauren here –

We wanted to create a way to give you all weekly updates. Share our struggles and successes. We are very new at entrepreneurial life and think that we have a lot of useful information to share. Lauren tends to learn best by royally f***ing it up first and then never doing it that way again. Maybe we can help you skip that step.

Part 1: Lauren

I grew up in Virginia cooking with my family, enjoying simple and delicious meals around the dinner table. I fell in love with medicine at a young age and had a knack for care taking. As I went through school I considered becoming a doctor, then a nurse, then a dietitian, then a chef. Today, at 26, I work as an AmeriCorps VISTA Health and Nutrition Coordinator with the Greater Chicago Food Depository. I am also thrilled to be a new board member with the Illinois Farmers Market Association and frequent contributor to Chef Kendra Peterson’s allergen focused wellness blog. I am a soon to be dietitian who likes to cook and be surrounded by food whenever possible. I went to Johnson & Wales University for culinary nutrition and developed a passion for seeing where my food came from and watching the power it has in the human body. If I had to describe my nutrition philosophy, I could talk for days about phytochemicals and eating straight from the garden! I have always loved wandering around farmers markets, tasting the seasonal produce, talking to vendors, and supporting creative individuals throughout the neighborhood. I find peace in organizing my room, have a purple bedroom door, and travel as much as I can!

Lauren Woodbridge