Our Story | Part 2

Part 2: Jeanine

I grew up in Staten Island, New York. My love of cooking came from both of my grandmothers. They had a way of bringing our family together, to sit down and eat. I spent most of the weekdays after school hanging out with my cousins and my grandpa would make us afternoon snacks, while my grandmother would get dinner ready. We essentially grew up as Hobbits when it came to food. My favorite “snack” being the stack of quartered peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches. I would lose track of how many actual sandwiches I consumed. On the weekends, we would see my paternal grandma; she would cook the entire time we were there, and spoil us rotten with treats, and games and anything we would ask for, really.


I received a Bachelors degree in both Baking and Pastry Arts, as well as, Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales in Providence. I went with pastry, mostly because it isn’t an essential part of anyone’s diet, and I wanted an excuse to eat dessert everyday, and give other people a reason to enjoy it. I am now the Pastry Chef at Yugen, a new contemporary Japanese restaurant in the West Loop. For me, the best part about being in pastry was that things are very precise and you are in control of the process. When it comes to food, I enjoy that everyone can gather together to eat what is being served. And that is something beautiful.

Alex Fuller